Control inverters

We use a control inverter to convert direct current (from the battery) to alternating current, with which we control the actuators in torque/force and speed. This control is extremely accurate and quick and is accompanied by high efficiency of approximately 99%. Dependent on the application, we might opt for singular or multiple control inverters. We also have special inverters for the regulation of voltage and charging of the batteries.

Since they are extremely compact and lightweight, they can easily be build-in into machines. The control inverters are also well capable of working in harsh environments.

Properties of the control inverters

  • High efficiency of 99%
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Locally controllable for highly dynamic movements
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Singular and multiple variants


The weight of the electric control inverter is very beneficial relative to a traditional converter. eQuip's control inverter has 300 kW of power and weighs only 15 kg, meanwhile the weight of a traditional converter is around 140 kg.

This saving in weight compensates the extra weight of energy storage systems, which makes them particularly suitable to electrify mobile machines, without them getting heavier or bigger.


The compactness of eQuip's mobile control inverter is a major benefit. The volume of eQuip's mobile control inverter is more than 20 times smaller than that of an industrial control inverter.


Power:10 - 500 kW
Voltage:24 - 1200 VDC
Control modes:torque, speed, position
Cycle time:up to less than 1ms
Degree of protection:IP67, IP6K9K
Shock resistance:50g
Vibration resistance:10g
Ambient temperature:-40°C to 70°C


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