Linear actuators

With traditional machines, hydraulic cylinders are used to perform linear movements. For electric machines, eQuip uses robust, self developed electro-hydraulic linear actuators. This development has been crucial in the electrification of machine drives. In this product, all benefits of hydraulics (such as simple overload protection and shock- and vibration resistance) and electronics (such as high energy efficiency and low maintenance) come together.

With their simple and robust design, they are able to reach high efficiency, of up to 90%. Next to that, they reach a regeneration percentage of 70% during braking movements (e.g. the dropping motion of a boom lift). They also have the highest power density compared to alternative products on the market.

Their high efficiency is due to the absence of valve throttle losses and piping losses.

The linear actuators are easy to integrate into an existing systems thanks to their compact Plug & Play Unit design, the pre-programmed controllers and linear response. The connection points of the linear actuator are identical to the traditional hydraulic cylinders.

Regarding maintenance, linear actuators provide benefits as well. Because of their sealed oil reservoir, the lack of pipes, hoses and less (dynamic) seals, less maintenance is required and the chance of leakages is very low.

Properties of the linear actuators

  • Savings:
    • Installed power: up to 40%
    • Oil content: up to 70%
    • Maintenance: up to 80%
  • Fully in-house developed
  • High efficiency up to 90%, and 70% regeneration
  • Highest power density on the market
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Simple and robust design


Our linear actuators generally have the same dimensions as the fully hydraulic variant. Therefore, the hydraulic cylinders of existing machines can easily be substituted with electric linear actuators. The advantage is that it takes less space, because a central hydraulic unit will not be necessary anymore.


Power:1 to > 3.000 kW
Forces:2 to > 500 mTons
Velocities:up to 1,5 m/s
Degree of protection:IP67 or IP6K9K
Shock resistance:50g
Vibration resistance:10g
Ambient temperature:-30°C to +50°C


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